Our recipe for professional success? 100% authenticity!

And more:

– transparent working rules

– possibility of continuous development


– company of people joined by real passion

Interested? Great!

Check out the offers we`ve prepared for you. We`ve got many of them, so choose the ones which particularly suit you.

KFC Česká republika took part in the “Vzdělávejte se pro růst! – pracovní příležitosti” (Education for growth – job opportunities) project over the previous years, which is financed by the European Social Fund, a national budget in the Czech Republic within the Operational Human Resources and Employment Program. Full information can be found HERE

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We promote people who, like we, engage in their work and for whom work is passion.

It is clear that the Guests who come to our restaurants are the most important, that is why we get the most satisfaction from the happy looks on their faces.

We care about building teams in which all cooperate and can count on each other. Thanks to positive energy and friendly relations we create a unique working atmosphere, and what follows – a unique atmosphere in our restaurants.

If you:

  • find yourself in a dynamic working environment,
  • are open to continuous development,
  • like challenges,
  • are looking for a place where all this will be possible…

You are in the right place – we have been waiting especially for you!


Are you a student?

You have family responsibilities or a hobby you would like to devote your time to?

We give you the possibility to work flexible time.

We know how important it is to adjust working hours to individual needs. We want you to have a chance to have time for your passions and skills, because thanks to them you bring more to our team.

We offer and guarantee:

– flexible working hours,

– transparent rules of cooperation.

All this to make you feel comfortable when you decide to work with us.

”I thought that being a second year student training martial arts, I have no chance to find a permanent job which I would be able to connect with my duties. A friend recommended KFC to me and, after a meeting with a director, I knew I was going to make it! We agreed on my availability and at present I work half time. The schedule is arranged week after week, so if I have a tournament, I can ask for extra time off. I am really happy that I can gain professional experience so early, and also earn for my everyday expenses.”


We provide all our employees with introductory training courses which help develop their skills.

We utilize new teaching techniques, i.e.:

  • e-learning
  • training courses in the workplace
  • lessons in classrooms
  • simulations,
  • individual study

Using boring training course books is limited to minimum!

If you ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING MORE, KFC can offer you a transparent career path.

Join our team and enter the career path. It depends only on you how fast you will be promoted and what position you will get. In Poland several hundred KFC employees are promoted to managerial positions! We always help them achieve their career goals.

„When I was starting my work for KFC as a Restaurant Employee, I did not expect to be promoted so soon. I felt good helping other employees and that is why I got a chance to try myself as an Instructor. I passed tests on KFC standards and went through certification, thanks to which I could train new colleagues or take an active part in meetings. Now I am a Shift Manager – I use my leadership skills and have influence on building a harmonious, nice team.”


In KFC we believe that everything is possible.

As a team we are able to achieve any goal – thanks to working culture based on Our Key Principles. These include:

Focus on the Customer, Operational excellence, Ambitious goals, Feedback, Commitment to people, Positive energy, Reliability and Profitability.

If you want to join this exceptional team, work for KFC is something for you!

You will find here people with a sense of humour, faith in their skills and enormous positive energy. We stopped counting how many friendships have been struck up in our restaurantsJ.

”My team at KFC is a bit like second family. We often spend time together after work. Evenings out, cinema, and even weekend trips – it is standard! We are a close-knit team – well-integrated. We have our team-building parties, we celebrate our birthdays at the restaurant, and we organize our internal billiards league. We can`t complain about boredom!”


KFC is an international and dynamically growing company. Work here is also a ticket to other benefits and attractions:

– discretionary bonuses

– sport vouchers

– programs with prizes

– and many, many other

As a KFC team member you will also get 25% discount not only in KFC restaurants, but also in all AmRest restaurants – Pizza Hut, Burger King and Starbucks.

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